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A special section on brewing and beer in Vermont

Stories from prize-winning writers

A field guide to Vermont: water holes and poets, land stewards, brewers and dairy farmers, creemee stands and musical tradition.

Wildsam Vermont


Inside Wildsam Vermont, you'll find the deep story of the Green Mountain State; geologic histories and a guide to its waterways; maple syrup vernacular, cold weather and general stores; roadtrips to national forests, swim spots and Lake Champlain's islands; Abenaki heritage, literary lore and folk music collections; guides to small towns and beer hubs; interviews with arborists, community organizers, cow milkers, podcasters, insect experts and canoe builders; delightful miscellany from the archives; selective wisdom for finds across the state and trusted travel essentials.


Wildsam Vermont




“The place we now call Vermont is a landscape, glorying in the colors of every season. But more specifically, it’s people in a landscape: a communion of distinct Green Mountains types who groom the ski trails, breathe life into picture-perfect towns, write the books and warm up the sugarhouses. This knockout beauty is also a place of earnest effort and playful invention. Rural-economy revitalization and Indigenous-language revival projects entwine with the creation of new beer styles and cheesemakers working off the grid. So few in number, Vermonters seem determined to make it up in gumption.”

Vermont Bar

128 pages, printed in the U.S.A
Back-pocket size, 4 x 6.5 inches
Featuring more two dozen local experts

Founder & Editor in Chief Taylor Bruce
Editor Samantha Fields Alviani
Illustrations Sarah Letteney
Contributing Writers Ben Hewitt, Ben Cosgrove, Jacqueline Knox
Featuring Mary Ruefle, Melanie Finn, Bill McKibben, Rowan Jacobsen, and more
Designer Alan Kahler