60 highly curated photos

Short original essays by respected Texas writers

A directory of select river destinations throughout the state

An ode to Texas rivers through photographs, stories and traditions from every far-flung corner of the state. Wildsam Texas Rivers features more than 60 iconic photographs taken by Kenny Braun, Nick Simonite and Gideon Tsang, among others.

Texas Rivers visually brings to life the streams, swimming holes and places where travelers and locals alike find cool respite nostalgia in the Lone Star State. This groundbreaking photo almanac features work by acclaimed photographers in a memorable collection of images, interviews and archival pieces.

"The rivers of Texas run for hundreds and thousands of miles, through every kind of landscape, some shockingly beautiful and others muted and mundane. But collectively, the river is always a simple invitation into elemental joys: sunshine, fresh air, cool waters."


135 pages, printed in the U.S.A.
Full color, 10x8 in trim size, embossed cover
Featuring more than two dozen experts

Founder & Editor in Chief Taylor Bruce
Editor Rebecca Worby
Photo Editor Leslie Baldwin
Contributing Writers Hannah Hayes, Joe Levin, Abby Johnston, Dan Oko, Annie Adams
Photographers Kenny Braun, John Dunaway, Bill Sallens, Craig Washburn, Wynn Myers, Gideon Tsang