A field guide to barbecue in the South: literary prose, historical timelines, sit-downs with barbecue greats, culinary expertise.

Inside The Original Guide to Barbecue in the South, you'll find stories from prize-winning authors; interviews with pitmasters, waitresses and barbecue judges; delightful miscellany from the archives; and a list of 40 barbecue establishments across the South.

"Barbecue is more than a meat and fire. It is more than a meal. It is an American art form. It is a language in smoke. And for as long as hungry folks have walked the American South, barbecue has been our founding foodway."






65 pages, printed in the U.S.A.
Back-pocket size, 4 x 6.5 inches
Featuring more than two dozen barbecue experts

Founder & Editor in Chief Taylor Bruce
Illustrations Jessica Fontenot
Contributing Writers Lolis Eric Elie, Jennifer V. Cole, Wes Berry, Drew Jubera, Philip Bator, Nick Marino
Featuring Helen Turner, Martell Scott II, Nick Pihakis