Wildsam Momentos Trip Guide

25 Mementos from the U.S.A.

Wildsam Momentos Trip Guide
Mementos from our travels foster an enduring and evocative connection to the world. These 25 keepsakes are our favorites from the last year.

Cast Iron Skillet Chef Cooking

This forever chef's tool from Charleston-based Smithey Ironware keeps us in pursuit of the perfect fried egg.
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Philly tarot card whimsy from artist James Boyle, with a hometown twist: Grace Kelly as "the star," Kurt Vile as "the magician," Gritty as "the devil," and more.
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Cape Cod Oyster Knife Handmade

These Cape oyster knives are handmade by Fred Carpenter in Marstons Mills, MA. Stabber tip, short handle, lacewood is the way to go. Fred offers a lifetime guarantee (as long as you don't use it as a screwdriver).
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Get your spirit right with this Big Sur smudge box and kindling kit from the Esalen Institute. We can smell the white sage and lavender from here.
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Gulf Coast

Some call it liquid gold. When we drizzle Ben Lanier's pure Tupelo honey over warm sourdough or apple pie, we call it the nectar of life.
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Jazz Cat T-shirt New Orleans Tie Dye Turquoise

The turquoise tie-dye Jazz Cat tee from DNO. Our version of a Superman cape. Cat lovers, jazz lovers: unite.
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Joshua Tree

Light a candle and get into the zone with the High Desert View puzzle from our buds at Wonder Valley.
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Napa & Sonoma

That desert puzzle pairs well with a pinot noir from van der Kamp Vineyard atop Sonoma Mountain. Grab a bottle from Outland, a cozy tasting room in downtown Napa. Available online too.
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Handmade Everyday Mug Regional Clay Pottery

At East Fork Pottery, each mug starts from regional clay that's pressed, cut, dried, trimmed, stamped, fired, dipped, glazed, brushed. Or, said in a single word: loved, Meet your new everyday coffee mug.
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Train for the 10k in style with a Tracksmith Boston running shirt. Lightweight, airy, meshy.
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San Francisco

Ritual Coffee's Bay Dreamer espresso blend starts the day with a boldness worthy of the Beat poets. Notes of toasted almond and dark chocolate, a hint of fog.
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Racher's Lasso Rope West Texas Ranch

Out in Alpine, Texas, there's a salt-of-the-earth tack shop called Big Bend Saddlery. Walking inside will make you stand two inches taller. Take home a round of rancher's lasso rope and channel your inner Lonesome Dove.
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Beach River Ocean Swimming Towel

Life's too short for bad beach towels. Go plush with this seafoam number from the rad fellas at Howler Bros. Works magic on the beach, by the river, poolside or hanging on your shower hook. Heed the call.
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Hudson Valley

R&F Handmade Paints in Kingston is the only U.S. maker of encaustic paints, a beeswax-and-resin variety kept molten on a heated palette. Fancy! Try their artist's intro set of six, King's Blue and Turkey Red included.
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University Minnesota Golden Gophers Knit Hat Beanie Twin Cities

Does anything feel more Minnesota than this maroon and gold knit hat? Makes us want to find a hockey match. Go Gophers!
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New England

Take home a Winslow Homer art print from the impressive Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine. Our favorite is Pulling the Dory.
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A big umbrella in Seattle is like a black suit in NYC. Everybody has one. Utter downpour or slight mist, this one from Certain Standard is your trusty companion.
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Vintage Typewriter Writing Script

That Oscar-winning screenplay isn't going to write itself! Meet your dream vintage typewriter from Rees Electronics. We prefer the Hermes, of course.
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Just around the corner from the Washington Square Park chess masters lives a little shop called Chess Forum. Pop in and snag a folding set for home/away matches.
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In Bourbon Country, they take their Old Fashioned making seriously. This herringbone cocktail towel (with recipe) is clutch behind the bar.
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Vintage Buffalo Nickel Buttons Western

There's only one Santa Fe Vintage. It's a beyond-special collection of southwestern treasures. Our latest obsession: these buffalo nickel buttons.
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Need a spot to keep all your matchbooks, train tickets, river stones and other talismans from the road? We like this small selvage denim bag from Imogene + Willie.
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Japanese Pacific Northwest Baseball Hat Cap Ballcap

There's a beautiful history behind Japanese baseball in the Pacific Northwest. The Fuji ballcap from Ebbets offers a fitting tip-of-the-hat to icon Frank Fukuda.
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Back on our home turf, we're grilling up with brisket king and all-around-good-fella Aaron Franklin. You can too with his new line of post oak briquets
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Polaroid Camera Yosemite Parks Department Film

Be the one with a Polaroid camera in your bag. Who doesn't love that person? This special Yosemite-themed version sold by Parks Project is a real beauty.
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