Essential Travel Kit: Beach Day

Essential Travel Kit: Beach Day

Essential Travel Kit: Beach Day

It's beach season.

We’ve compiled our intel on setting yourself up right–no matter what stretch of sand or glimmering shoreline you might find yourself on. A little prep goes a long way for your best day escape; here are a few favorites to do it right.


Wildsam Beach Essentials


  1. Thermos
    Take-it-anywhere and vacuum-sealed for chilled beverages all day.
    via Stanley

  2. Blanket 
    Durable and light as a feather for beach lounging HQ.
    via Rumpl

  3. Sunglasses
    Classic silhouettes and mineral glass lenses in a rainbow of gem hues.
    via Garrett Leight

  1. Cooler
    Space for whole-day provisions and legendary cooling abilities.
    via Yeti

  2. Sunscreen
    Luxe mineral protection and dreamy skin health multitasker.
    via Ursa Major


Wildsam Beach Essentials


  1. Shade
    A timeless canopy for sun breaks and afternoon naps.
    via Sunday Supply Co.

  2.  Tote
    Essential carry-all for your spread will take you through the summer season and way beyond.
    via Baggu

  3. Bandana
    An enduring sunshine staple.
    via Front General Store

  1. Wine Storage
    A thrift store peruse can yield vintage caddy win, some with triple-bottle capacity. 
    via vintage shops &

  2. Book Find 
    Much-loved copies of favorites make seasoned beach companions.
    via Powell's BooksAbe Books

  3. Game
    Sharp, streamlined set is the one-and-only for cornhole pros, dabblers.
    via Tupelo Goods 


Wildsam Beach Essentials


  1. After-sun
    Nourishing oil–laced with blood orange and bergamot–is a post-beach day soother.
    via Everyday Oil

  2. Snack 
    Addictive umami crunch in classic, truffle and spicy.
    via Bjorn Qorn

  3. Drink
    Beloved brewing houses turn out the jams come warm weather season, like this Zomerbier from Alchemist Beer.
    via Alchemist Beer

  1. Speaker
    20-plus hours of vibrant, deeply portable sound.
    via Marshall


  2. Album
    The debate is on: in the meantime, it’s 1974’s On the Beach by Neil Young.
    via Soundcloud

  3. Season’s Reading
    The Summer Book, Tove Jansson. Lush, lucid vignettes from an island in the Gulf of Finland.